Raman (Horiba LabRam Evolution) spectroscopy

About the equipment

The Horiba LabRam Evolution is a state-of-the-art turn-key solution that combines confocal Nano Raman spectroscopy and ultra-resolution multi-range research mapping. It is available in both transmission and reflection configurations providing direct top, bottom and side optical access. The flexibility of the OmegaScope platform offers almost endless possibilities in correlation of high spatial resolution Raman data.

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Laboratory 7154B Block 7 main building Nazarbayev University Astana, Kabanbay batyr ave. 53

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For general inquiries, contact:

Manager of OSRF Tel: 57-16 E-mail: aliya.kudarova@nu.edu.kz;

For technical inquiries, contact: Scientific director, Rostislav Bukasov.

Tel: 66-65 E-mail: rostislav.bukasov@nu.edu.kz.